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Dato’ Adrian Wang

Dato’ Adrian Wang

Founder, CBD Properties Sdn Bhd

Investing With You

Dato’ Adrian originated from Port Dickson, won a Shell scholarship to pursue his bachelor degree in civil engineering from OSU, USA. He founded CBD Properties Sdn Bhd in 2007. His penchant for real estate sees him teaming up dynamic partners to establish CBD Properties all over Malaysia and internationally. He also acts as planning and marketing consultants to property developers.

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Building on his vision for a platform and system to improve real estate entrepreneurs’ quality of life and achieve a meaningful journey, Adrian’s passion and care influenced his colleagues to excel and create miracle. The CBD Properties brand received multiple awards from various recognised institutions, including the prestigious TOP REALTOR award from the Malaysia Institute of Real Estate (MIEA) in 2015.

Adrian’s vision is to connect the world via Real Estate by a partnership network of associates; leveraging technology and talents; to share and create a better environment for professional real estate agents and property developers. He truly believes that the new world transcend boundaries.

Daphne Chan

Daphne Chan

Executive Director, CBD Properties (KD) Sdn Bhd

Realize Your Dreams

Coming from a family of 3 siblings and being the eldest of the Chan family, she was brought up with the mindset of caring for the young and respecting the old. She grew up in the real estate environment as her grandfather was in the business of construction materials and her father was in the construction line of the developers in town.

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Daphne has shown substantial interest and unending passion through her journey in the real estate industry over the past 2 decades. She understands that her main goal isn’t purely selling properties but using her interpersonal skills to touch her clients’ lives at all times.

Humorous and sociable, she loves collaborating with people from all walks of life. She believes in contributing to a peaceful environment in her family, social and working surroundings.

Lily Lo

Lily Lo

Director, CBD Properties (JB) Sdn Bhd.

Knowledge, Teamwork and Professionalism

Lily originally came from chemist educational background and now a real estate agency head and having more than 15 years of working experience in managing people. Just like doing well with her previous job, she strongly believed real estate professionals required three very important traits and attitudes in order to have a sustainable long term business. It may not be just a career but doing well in real estate business will improved better quality of life for most.

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Knowledge is power. Equipping yourselves with the right and sufficient industry knowledge is vital, especially for the real estate newbies and those negotiators who didn’t do well in this very competitive business. Teamwork. Lily has always believed a good teamwork and a team player will create more opportunities and certainties for positive result. There is just so much a single negotiator can do but with team-mates and teamwork efforts, the outcome can be enormous. Professionalism. One must not have the idea that real estate work is just a one-off or one-time business with your clients. Practicing good work ethic at all times would ensure future potential business continuity and new referrals.
Steward Ship

Steward Ship

Senior Executive Director, CBD Properties (Puchong) Sdn Bhd

Believe, Trust And Honour

Believes that Health is Wealth. Steward is regular half marathon runner, aiming for full marathon of 42km. He started his Real Estate career in 1999. Steward is a Partner and pioneer in CBD Properties and has served as a Councillor in MIEA. In 2013, CBD Properties was awarded the Asia Pacific Awards for Commercial properties.

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Steward believes that “Trust in the collaboration and leveraging each others’ strength” is the way forward in Real Estate business. He is committed fully to transformation and positive mindset to achieve results. He also promotes growth in his business to reach algreater heights as One CBD family in the Real Estate fraternity.

Mr Ship also believes in giving Honour to God and Parents and extending this helping hands to help others. Steward lives with his lovely wife and 4 grown up children and lead an active lifestyle.

Chong Yuen Kiong

Chong Yuen Kiong

Head of Seremban Branch, CBD Properties (Seremban) Sdn Bhd

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in property sector, Chong has built a reputation for his passionate and heartfelt drive to serve his clients’ best interests. He is known for integrity, diplomacy and sincerity in all his dealings.

In his tenure in the business, he has first and foremost strived to be someone in whom he clientele and colleagues can put their trust and faith refreshingly friendly customer care and proven ability to guide buyers to obtain the best value for their dream home and to assist sellers to a smooth, stress-free sale of their property.

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 As a head of seremban branch, he performs and delegates all his multiple duties in a respectful and professional manner ability to effectively lead a team. He committed to team success and helps to the growth of commitment of others. Focus on relationships and encourage others to do the same. Be available to help and let his team grow independent and be supportive and encourage team members to support each other.
Peh Yu Lin

Peh Yu Lin

Director, CBD Properties (OUG) Sdn Bhd

Ms Peh trained as a Quantity Surveyor and worked in a construction company for few years. She gained invaluable knowledge of the construction industry during her stint there.
With the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory in her mind that the basic and fundamental need of a person aside from food is a home, she changed tack and ventured into the field of real estate in 1995. She developed a strong passion for this industry when she witnessed the excitement of her clients who found their dream homes.

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Ms Peh has built a reputation of being a person of integrity and sincerity among her clients and colleagues. She is committed to her team in training and motivating them. She believes it is important to have these 5 Ps in everything one does, i.e. have

  •  a Passionate heart,
  • a Positive mind,
  • a Pleasant personality,
  • a Progressive attitude and
  • a Persevering spirit.
Jaime Chew

Jaime Chew

Head of Marketing & Communications, CBD Properties Sdn Bhd

Live with Passion

Having lived half her childhood in overseas – Korea and Japan, Jaime learned how to adapt and interact with the different cultures internationally. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Hotel Administration. In 2015, she graduated with a Diploma in the Property Management, Valuation & Estate Agency Surveying Division (PMVS) with the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM).

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Her experience in the tourism and hospitality industry has given her an edge in providing valuable knowledge in the service line. Her passion in traveling around the world inspires her to be creative and innovative in her work.

She currently heads the company’s Marketing and Communications Division, International Properties Project Marketing, and MM2H Consultation. With CBD Properties close at heart – together with her team, they strive to bring a culture of togetherness and endless opportunities within the company’s vast network.

Derek Low

Derek Low

Head of Project Marketing, CBD Properties Sdn Bhd

Equipped with over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, Derek has successfully managed various developers’ local and overseas projects since he joined CBD Properties in 2009. Derek is able to effectively plan and launch successful marketing strategies for new project developments. His expertise also includes conducting interactive project briefings and training to real estate negotiators.

Carolyn Chin

Carolyn Chin

Director and Principal of CBD Properties (USJ) Sdn Bhd

Her knowledge of the real estate market is extensive having begun her career in real estate more than two decades ago. Her focus and passion are centered on creating an unparalleled customer experience by delivering results through her enthusiasm, professionalism, meticulous attention and has always strive her best to achieve every of her clients real estate dreams and goals. She believes that satisfied clients are her best resource for new business.

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Carolyn manages a dynamic team of real estate professionals ensuring that they remain consistently motivated and passionate about CBD Properties vision & mission.  Under her leadership, the team is encourage to excel through clear strategies, encouraging innovation and open communications. They thrive in an environment that is based on teamwork where everyone wins to achieve shared objectives for the agency and it’s stakeholders .

In her personal time, Carolyn enjoys a variety of hobbies including scuba diving, baking and giving back to the society by volunteering her time at Kechara Soup Kitchen in support of the urban poor and homeless community.

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